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Posted on 2013-08-05 21:30


The book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs was bought for months. I previewed a few chapters from beginning, and found the greatness of this classic.

Unlike those time I dropped out at home, when I was schooling, I busied on innumerable things and social activities, not realized that time elapsed so fast. While now I am going to repick my major interest, to continue my personal study on computer science.

SICP is a nice book to begin with. Meanwhile I was also learning Haskell and Racket, intending to bring a conceptual operating system out of my mind. And besides I am now attending a SAT camp. Although the study tasks are very intense and occupied nearly all my day time, I can still do something else in evening if I could plan it well. I wish I can read one or two sub-chapters each day, and I will do the exercise questions and take notes carefully. This page shall be updated daily.

I have an interesting anecdote about SICP with Professor Hal Abelson. One afternoon in last semester my computer teacher suddenly asked me to receive some guests from MIT. I felt surprising for that. They were Hal and his two students, and were to attend the AppInventor workshop later.

They visited the computer room in my school and I showed them some of my projects including my revo, a scheme interpreter. In conversation I told Hal I was right reading SICP, and he responded in smile: ‘Oh? Do you like that?’ And I expressed my admire to the classic. Meantime I don’t yet know he is one of the authors of the book since I rarely notice the author’s name of a book. I got who he is at the next day, by querying the info of the visitors on Wikipedia. I was quite astonished. So in the following days I was invited to the AppInventor workshop with a teacher, I met Hal again and asked a signature from him on the book. It was a great time me to know such a master. Lucky was I. Above attaches a photo of his autograph. I feel proud to have it.

Shou Ya5 August, 2013

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