About Me

Hello, my name is Shou Ya (亞首). I am a Haskell and Ruby programmer.

In philosophy, I believe in solipsism. ‘Host’ (or ‘hosto’), as mentioned frequently in some posts, is the god of myself and the godish character of myself.

I am a great fan of pure mathematics, especially the abstract branches such as logics, category theory and abstract algebra. Using Coq to prove theorems I read on math books is one of my favorite entertainment fashions.

I love baroque music and symphonies. I also listen to Japanese anime songs and original sound tracks of my favorite movies. Yet I don’t like rock and heavy music at all.

Besides, I enjoy watching Japanese anime. My favorite series is Serial Experiments Lain. In addition to Lain, I appreciate Madoka Magica, From the New World, and Psycho-Pass (II) very much as well. I adore moe(萌え) characters as many ACG folks do.

If you’re looking for the works I’ve done, you can check out my projects and gists.

In this blog are mainly published personal notes about psychology and technique. I hope you enjoy them.


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