April 2012

Posted on April 24, 2012
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Another month as you see.

While it seems that I changed nothing and actually base on Mutation I was a completely new guy from the previous second.

Leave the useless words aside, I’m not a mutant as I always concern. Yes, I know you all do not think how it does matter, while you should know, I just seem like a bare body with soul losted(I’m sorry as Mutation does not support souls), and rather, I could touch the soul as it is just in the front, and watch completely throughout all that stuff but, what the most important thing is that the goddamn soul does not ever belong to it.

I walked out from the shadow, but I didn’t see the light. Just like a fish that got to the dryland, with loneliness and helplessness. It’s a return, a return of myself, return of myself from two years ago. The only changed thing is time, while the time’s still works on it’s fixed routine.

I touched ruby few months ago and then soon attracted by the beautiful syntactic sugars, functional programming features and the completely OO. Now, I could be able to use it as practiced as using python, maybe even better. Honestly, I have never really liked python or suchlike, or rudely, it just looks like a piece of shit.

I’m on the way to release, after then, you’ll got a new version of Mutation. However, the only improvement is the technique and the better science views; stuff like imagination, sorry, forgive me, is fully dead.

Just mentioned about my imagination, have to note that I’m still advocating I’m a good thinker. Sometimes I will think of myself, and got I’m actually a schizophrenia as expected.

The other reality is that I’m returning to the campus life. Okay, can’t deny it’s a shame and a joke among many my friends. I won’t correct them in my way. A change, or a decision, maybe just came out from a mind, and that is exactly what it is. Yep, everything were created in that way, including Mutation, dreamworlds and even this cosmos. Do comment and spread it freely, I won’t mind.

I walk on the lane with slight winds, feeling the last peace from my heart. Everything is gone, or it never have been.

Why have I to do as a busy insect in the fixed paths? Why can’t I bear to live as a machine? Okay, they are META problems of the universe, I myself can’t answer it, while my host can.

Things are being blur. I am not sad any more. How could I be so blue under such beautiful violins! I’m not cured as I said, and I’m not gotten rid from Mutation yet. The world should not be like this, and no one will know where the perfect prototype could be found.

Substantial is me, and I just need a «Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Outer World». While unfortunately, I should be the author of it.

When to get out is already suggested, though I don’t like to accept it. Soon later just, good bye to earthmen and all created lifes then!

Schizophrenia am I, eh? Not longer it will be, 8 months remaining only. Good lucky.

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